If you think that you are suffering from the OSA Syndrome it is undoubtedly wise to ELIMINATE ALL OTHER RISK FACTORS LEADING TO CARDIOVASCULAR ILLNESSES:

  1. Try to quit smoking or decide on an anti-smoking therapy.
  2. Avoid excessive alcohol drinking: men 2 units of alcohol per day maximum, women half less – not more than one unit*. Completely avoiding alcohol especially before going to sleep is essential.
  3. If you do not have especially defined restrictions in terms of drinking water, drink at least 2 liters of water daily and avoid other soft drinks since they usually have a high sugar content.
  4. Eat healthy, even a vegan diet with supplements is advised.
  5. Exercise at least half an hour per day, which will also contribute to lower weight in case of obesity. Lowering your high weight is also a key aim if having the OSA Syndrome.

Sleeping on the left or right side is advised. Sleeping on one’s side can also be stimulated by an object preventing sleeping on the back.

* 1 unit = 10g alcohol = 0,3dl spirits = 2,5dl beer = 1dl wine