High blood pressure or arterial hypertension is an important risk factor when it comes to coronary heart diseases known as one of the most common causes of death. There are two forms of hypertension:

  • PRIMARY hypertension – the cause of hypertension is unknown
  • SECONDARY hypertenstion -the cause of hypertension is known. Apart from other causes  reccurrentsleep interruptions due to apneas cause hypertension in up to 20 or 30 percent of hypertension cases. The most common breathing interruption during sleep is the so called OSAS. Besides breathing interruptions during sleep, hypertension can also be caused by other illnesses: kidney disease, endocrine/hormone diseases, neural diseases, vascular diseases. In most cases of secondary hypertension the cause can be successfully treated.

Arterial hypertension needs treatment.

If one’s blood pressure measurement repeatedly exceeds 140/90 at home, with correct measurement and a calibrated device, there is a possibility that arterial hypertension occured. A checkup at the general practitioner is necessary.